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One of the world's most spectacular tropical island systems, Lakshadweep Islands is tucked away at 220-240 kms off the Malabar Coast (Kerala). The islands comprise of 4200 sq.km. of lagoon rich in marine wealth ad 36 islands in an area of 32 sq.km. Each island in Lakshadeep is fringed by snow white coral sands. The crystal clear water and the rich marine flora and fauna enhance the mystique of these islands

Against the vast blue sea the Lakshyadeep islands look like emeralds. The huge wall like reef bordering the outer side of the shallow lagoons blocks the incoming swells of the sea.The Lakshadweep islands are linked to the mainland by ships & passenger planes. Agatti island and Bangaram island can be reached by Air and the others by ship from Kochi (Cochin). The temperature increases from South to North; April and May are the hottest with temperatures averaging at 32°C.

Places to Visit in Lakshadweep

Agatti island is the gateway to Lakshadweep islands, a chain of little known islands, lying about 320 Km off the south west coast of India. A holiday at Agatti island resort at Agatti island is sure to bring about a refreshing change in you. Becuase very seldom does one get to live so close to nature. Be it on land or sea, at Agati, there's always peace and happiness in the air

Agatti Island Resort is located in the most serene spot of the Island. Agatti Island Beach Resorts offers some of the best swimming beaches in the world. The resort has a good beach and lagoon on to its front. The lagoon is huge, shallow, leaving a lot of space for a good swim. Additional beauty is added by the numerous coconut trees surrounding the resort.

The average transfer time from the Agatti Airport is a two minute walk. There is a specialized restaurant at the beach resort. Guests are served continental, chinese and local cuisine. Jain food is also served at the restaurant. Guests are given the option of indoor or outdoor dining. Special arrangements are made for guests who wish to have the food outside, under the cool shade of the tall coconut trees. Moreover, Barbeque are arranged for guests who catch fish from the lagoon..

And above, you get to indulge in your favorite water sport. Scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, glass bottom boat rides, water skiing, deep sea fishing, and sea excursions to the neighboring uninhabited islands like Thinnakara, Parali, Kalpitty make sure that you get to know the sea in and out. Agatti is where you can get to watch nature at its best.Its where shimmering coral reefs, turquoise blue lagoons, silvery beaches, lush green coconut palms and unmatched hospitality leave you spellbound.

To keep you comfortable on land, many are the luxuries in store. Outdoors you have sugary white beaches, swaying palms, soothing winds and a spectacular view of the sea. No other place in India offers you beaches as beautiful as Agati island in Lakshadweep. Beneath the sea you get to discover a colorful world teeming with corals, fishes, and turtles.

Andrott (Andretti) Island, the largest Island in Lakshdweep, is the closest Island to the mainland of India through Cochin. It is a densely populated island, situated with glamour and glare of natural beauty. The Island is blessed with many tourist attractions including many Buddhist archeological remains and the tomb of Saint Hazrat Ubaidullah.

Andrott has the unique feature of lying in the east-west direction; all other islands are oriented in north-south direction. The island is dense with coconut palms and coir industry flourishes in this island. If the tourists are patient enough, they can catch hold of small species of octopus during the neap tides from sea shore in this island. This is a calm and attractive place to spend the evenings.

Legends are made of these. And it's not just how blue meets blue of sea and sky. Or the way sunsets melt into the night. These Indian Ocean Islands are well steeped in Ancient Tales, where the unexplored whisper for discovery. Pure white beaches, dense palm groves, thirty six islands of pure paradise each with its own story to tell. Loose yourself in this paradise - and write your own chapter to the tale.

From all the 36 islands, Bangaram is the most beautiful. It is everything you imagine a tropical island to be and from the moment you set foot on the blinding, soft, white sand you'll be totally enraptured by the exotic natural beauty of what can only be described as one of the most exclusive tropical islands in the world.

Everything about the island is natural and simple. It is quite a small island you can walk around it in an hour or so. surronded by superb, soft, silvery sands with an interior of lush green coconut groves, it portrays an image of pure ecstasy. Surrounding the island is a coral reef, which forms a large sheltered lagoon, the most incredible shade of luminous turquoise, which also encloses three small uninhabited islands.

The cottages are nice and spacious, perfectly in sync with the nature. You can sample the best seafood and you would have plenty to do, if you like to jump into water or bask under the sun.

Bangaram is one of the finest locations for SCUBA diving and Snorkelling in the world, the diving school is run by Prahlad Kakkar, the well known Advertising Film Maker who would like to give up his career if he could make enough money teaching you diving!

Kadmat, a great tourist spot for sun bath, is renowned for the long silvery sandy beaches. It is one of the inhabited islands in Lakshadweep with dense coconut palms. Isolated from the Mainland, Kadmat Island, recognized for its lime stones used for construction purposes, is very small and has the credit of a very large beautiful lagoon enclosed by the coral reefs. There is a narrow lagoon on the eastern side of the island which dries up at low tide periods. The attractive bank on the southern tip is a best suit for sun baths. Many foreign and domestic tourists reach here to have the pleasant experience of Kadmat sun bath.

One of the most beautiful islands of Lakshadweep, the Kalpeni island is situated at a distance of sixty three kilometers from Androth. An important place of tourist destination, Kalpeni offers the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to explore their sporting skills and sportsman spirit through the various water sports of the region.

For those who want a harmonious blend of fun mixed with an equal amount of adventure, Kalpeni islands presents them with a plethora of adventurous water sports. Endowed with the best gift of natural and scenic beauty, the Kalpeni islands is a perfect blend of traditional culture and modern infrastructural amenities.

Representing the varied ecology of the region, the Kalpeni island is blessed with a wide variety of flora and fauna along with many rare biological species of plants, animals and aquatic life. The golden sandy beaches, crystal clear water of the Arabian Sea and the coral reefs of the Kalpeni island enthralls and enchants the tourists with its bewitching natural beauty. The splendid surrounding of the Kalpeni islands casts a magical spell on the tourists and captures the imagination of the poet.

The indigenous population of the Kalpeni island strictly adheres to the social norms and codes of conduct. The Kalpeni island boasts of a place of peaceful human existence. Signifying the cultural heritage of the region, the womenfolk of the Kalpeni island beautifully dress in the traditional attire of wrap around skirts, which are locally known as the Sarongs. The colorful and attractive folk dances of Kolkali and Parichakkali of the Kalpeni island portrays the artistic skill of the indigenous population.

The administrative capital of Lakshadweep, the Kavaratti Island is blessed with an unparalleled natural beauty that enthralls and enchants the tourists with its bewitching landscape. The island of Kavaratti provides the tourists with a harmonious blend of traditional culture and modern infrastructural amenities.

Representing the rich architectural tradition and the religious fervor of the bygone golden days, the beautiful Kavaratti island has many exquisitely engraved Mosques that reflects the artistic creativity and engineering skills of the indigenous local people of the ancient times. Endowed with natural scenic beauty, the serene and calm surrounding of the Kavartti island relieves the tourists from the stress and strains of daily life.

Far from the maddening crowd, the pleasant and beautiful Kavaratti island fills the tourists with an intense sense of eternal happiness and rejuvenates them with added vigor and energy. For those who want to have fun mixed with adventure, the Kavaratti islands offers them with a plethora of adventurous water sports like water skiing, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and sailing.

The huge aquarium of the Kavaratti island provides the tourists with a wonderful scope to explore the rich aquatic life of the region. The tourists can dive deep into the water to experience the thrill and excitement of the pearl divers with the help of a special boat of glass and explore the vast treasure of marine life.

The capital of Lakshadweep, Kavaratti is well connected by air and sea. The salubrious weather coupled with picturesque landscape of the Kavaratti islands captures the imagination of the poet. An important tourist hub of Lakshadweep, the Kavaratti island is an ideal place to spend some valuable time with family and friends.

Adventure seekers golden sports paradise is Lakshadweep, with many breath taking water sporting activities. The excellent facilities in the sea shore and the tempting sea waves, makes Lakshadweep an ideal spot for water sports, mainly for Kayaking and Canoeing. Paddling through amazing sea waves in the unpredictable weather, makes canoeing one of the most challenging water sports.

Canoeing and Kayaking are very eco friendly dynamic sports activities providing physical fitness to those undertake. Kayaks, looking like cute fishing boat, are best used in Arabian Sea waters for kayaking sport. Lakshdweep offers many training facilities for naïve adventurous tourists in Kayaking and canoeing. Kavaratti and Kalpeni Islands are famous for these sports.

One of the most historic landmarks in Lakshadweep's Minicoy island is the Minicoy Island Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse was commissioned by the British and completed in 1885

The origins of the Lighthouse can be traced back to the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, which almost overnight transformed Minicoy into a place of strategic importance for the British.

The Lighthouse was built using construction material brought from England and the Netherlands. While the masons and other workers were brought from present-day Sri Lanka, the mechanics were English.

On a visit to the island in 1952, the then governor of the erstwhile Madras State found the Union Jack on the Lighthouse an affront to newly independent India. It was thanks to his efforts that the Lighthouse was finally transferred into the hands of the Government of India four years later.

A commemorative postage stamp was issued on 2 February 1985 to mark the centenary of the Lighthouse.

The Minicoy Island Lighthouse is India's only lighthouse on which the national flag is hoisted every day.

An informative Marine Aquarium and Museum, showcasing many marine related artifacts, is situated at Kavaratti, the Head Quarters of Lakshadweep. The Marine Museum is established in 1983 with the aim to promote the awareness of marine products and its preservation. The aquarium displays some of the most striking species of sea fishes and water animals. This is a treasure of different varieties of beautiful, attractive and colorful marine ornamental fishes.

Marine Museum is a place for getting first hand information about the rare species of invertebrates and many enthusiast tourists from India and abroad visit this nice Museum

Located to the south of Lakshadweep, the Minicoy island encompasses a total population of 9495. Popularly referred to as the female island, the Minicoy island boasts of rich historical legacies and cultural traditions that has percolated from the bygone golden era to the modern times.

Believed to be the descendants of the deep blue sea, the local population of the Minicoy island comprise mostly of the Muslim community who speak the Mahl language. The traditional occupation of fishing in the Arabian Sea forms the backbone of the economy of the region.

The Minicoy island comprise of ten exotic villages which represent the rich biodiversity of the region. Endowed with natural scenic beauty, the villages are governed by the strict administrative structure which are led by a Bodukaka (big brother) who represents the menfolk and a Bodudatha (big sister) who rerpresent the womenfolk of the region.

The villages of the Minicoy island are noted for the ordered social and political structure that reflects the administrative skills of the local people of the island. The villages has a separate place for public bath of men and women respectively, religious monuments, graveyards and a place for punishment.

The semilunar shaped island of Minicoy has a vast reserve of the unique flora and fauna of the region. The nothern extension of the Minicoy island is called Viringili or the Small Pox island. This part of the island derived its name from the fact that the patients affected with the deadly disease of small pox were kept in Viringili for proper medical care.

Reflecting the rich indigenous traditions, the local people of the Minicoy Island, celebrate their festivals with much pomp and show. The colorful and attractive folk dances of Dandi, Lava, Fuli, Bandiya and Thaara reflects the culture of the Minicoy island.

The deep clear waters surrounding the Lakshadweep Islands, offers excellent opportunities for para sailing. Bangaram and Kadmat are among the most famous destinations for water sports in the Lakshadweep Islands. Both these islands have wide scope for para sailing.

Para Sailing or parascending is a form of recreational activity. In this leisurely activity a single person or two or three people are tied to a parachute and pulled along by a boat. The parascender is carried off into the air when the boat sets off speedily. Para sailing in Lakshadweep is a fascinating experience to enjoy the beauty emerald islands surrounded by silvery sands studded in the deep blue waters of Arabian Sea. The idyllic seascape includes vast stretches of sun soaked shinning sands, magnificent lagoons and the soothing green extends of palm trees.

Kalpeni, Kavaratti, Kadmath and Minicoy are four populated islands of Lakshadweep which are widely visited by tourists who engage in the pursuit of various water sports like kayaking, glass bottom boats, sailing, paddleboats, para sailing, motorboats and water skiing. While para sailing you feel like a bird free to move on the vast blue skies without any restrictions. The view from the parachute is breathtaking, the green islands surrounded by cream-colored sand and the turquoise colored water all around.

Lakshadweep is one of the most magnificent tropical island systems of the world. It is located 220-240 km off the Malabar Coast. The Union Territory encompasses a total area of 32 sq. km comprising of 36 islands and 4200 sq. km. of lagoon rich in marinelife.

Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep is a unique lifetime experience. It attracts adventure enthusiasts from all over the world. Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep is an exciting & thrilling water sport activity which is enjoyed by travelers from all over the world. SCUBA means Self Contained Underwater Apparatus. While you will be in Lakshadweep, you will have amazing opportunity to treasure amazing experience of scuba diving. The crystal clear water, the clean sand on the sea bed, the colorful, varied shapes of coral formations and vibrant tropical fish, make a journey underwater a magical one.

Crystal clear and pristine water in Lakshadweep make it a very ideal destination for scuba diving. The territory has grown to a marvelous height with unique diving facilities and excellent tourist facilities. In fact, the territory is a paradise for divers and adventure enthusiasts. There is a Water Sport institute sited on Kadmat Island in Lakshadweep. It provides necessary equipment, diving facilities and diving training for the interested visitors.

Bangaram Island is also a known destination for scuba diving in Lakshadweep. Mantra Point and the Wreck of the Princess Royal are two popular spot for scuba diving at Bangaram Island. The island appears exceptionally romantic with its lush coconut palms and white sand of the beaches. These all add to the special beauty of scuba diving sites. Bangaram Island provides excellent tourist facilities. On another site for scuba diving in Lakshadweep is the Kavaratti Island with excellent tourist facilities. Dolphin Dive Center is located in Kavaratti offering scuba diving facilities. The excellent time to enjoy the charm of scuba diving in Lakshadweep is the time between the months of May and November.


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